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Older Brother

Sometimes when you do not keep a connection with a person by checking on them every now and then, you can fall out of communication and can even lose this friend for good. However, a sibling will be your friend always, no matter what. Such a friend for me is my older brother, who is always there for me. My brother’s name is Peter and he is five years older then me, and I would like to describe him in this essay written by “pay to do essay” service.

Taller than the doorframes in our house, Peter has an infectious laugh and a great sense of humor to match it. Whenever this gentle giant walks into the room, all attention is drawn to him, and he loves being in the center of it. A party has no soul without Peter, and his presence at family gatherings such as Thanksgiving and Christmas is obligatory. Once he had to stay at home for mom’s birthday, and it was the saddest birthday party I can remember.

Even though as a child, my brother used to tease me like older brothers always do, I knew it came from a place of caring, and there was nothing vicious about his little pranks. My mother scolded him for putting fake spiders all around the house during Halloween, including the pots and pans she used for cooking, and under my pillow, which scared me to half-death. He defended himself and said that it was all done in the spirit of Halloween, however when I think about it now, I believe it was all done in the spirit of my brother.

We had a lot of hobbies that we shared as we were growing up. We used to go to the same swimming pool and played basketball together. Since my brother is so tall, and has been since his first growth spurt as a teenager, he always used to win each basketball match easily. However, as he grew older and more mature, he understood that he sometimes had to bend the rules a little and let me win, just because he secretly loved seeing the ecstatic smile I had on my face whenever I scored at least once.

Surely, he was a great influence on me. Even though parents are usually the biggest influence on a child, sometimes because of the age gap, the tastes of parents and children do not align well. This is when older siblings come in handy. As my dad listened to country, and my mom liked only jazz, the only one person in my household who could teach me the joys of rock was my brother, and this shaped my personality in many ways. He was also an important role model in everything from food to clothes, as I often used him as an authoritative expert figure when telling my friends about some new trend.

Another great quality that he has, which has not disappeared to this day, is his helpfulness and desire to take care of you when you are in a bad situation. It was my brother who helped me through the hard times of my first breakup, and comforted me with kind words and plenty of delicious treats. He is still the person I would call if I need someone to help me take care of the children when I simply cannot control the situation anymore and need some quite time alone with my spouse. The children simply cannot get enough of Uncle Peter and love spending time with him, as it is like a huge party for them, filled with Disney movies, ice-cream and playing video games. Still, uncles and grandparents exist to pamper the kids with love and affection, so I do not protest much against all of those pastimes.

Sure, my brother is not at all perfect. He can be stubborn in the little things, and this upsets me to no end, especially since his stubbornness can vanish quickly whenever he is excited by some new project. For example, he will not create an account on Twitter no matter what, saying that social media will rob him of the precious time he needs to work, however he can spend countless hours on Facebook playing silly farming games. Another flaw is that he is little bit lazy and disorganized, and sometimes I wish he was more determined and productive, as by doing so, he could surely realize his amazing creative potential that he has. All in all, nobody is perfect, and the flaws I see in him may not be flaws for someone else, and criticizing them will not do him any good.

In conclusion, I would like to say that I am beyond grateful to the universe, fate, or whoever is responsible, for sending me such a great older brother, that I have shared a whole lifetime with, and I know will share many more days. He is one of the biggest role models for my kids, as he is funny, gentle, creative and kind, and I wish my children would learn these traits from him. However, he can be a little lazy and stubborn, but those are minor flaws that surely add to his bumbling personality. I wish we could spend more time together, but just checking in every now and then on him does not mean that the bond between us is weak. All in all, I am very happy to have such a brother and I hope that life will be kind to him in the future too.

Separating Facts from Fictions With Science

We shall speak especially of the physical or mathematical sciences, for it appears to us, in the light of the history of astronomical discoveries, that the role of science is not exactly what men assign to it. This is a small reminder on why we Must read science books.

Science only provides representations of reality

  • To say that science gives access to reality is undoubtedly exaggerated because reality is only seen through our visual and mental perception. But this perception has limits.
  • Thus, the visual perception does not make it possible to apprehend all the wavelengths. Admittedly, the instruments invented by man allow us to prolong the domain of our perception, but nevertheless, physical perception always passes through the instrumental filter, which has, by construction or essence, its own limits. For example, a telescope that can see the weakest objects in extreme wavelength ranges is limited in angular resolution by diffraction. It would take a telescope of infinite size to reach an infinite resolution.
  • Similarly, mental perception is limited. It is, of course, by our intelligence, but more generally by certain concepts that escape us, for reasons of scale. For example, the design of infinity is impossible to specify in physics. If we know how to do it in mathematics, the application to the real physical world is impossible. We can say in the form of a joke that it would take an infinite time to understand the infinite.

In the end, science can only give representations of reality, but it does not give reality. To take a concrete image, imagine a cylinder. For some observers, the cylinder will appear as a disc, for others as a rectangle. It is also the well-known image of the person who drops an object from the top of the mast of a moving ship. For the person who drops the object the trajectory is rectilinear (vertical) whereas for a person remained on the platform, the trajectory appears parabolic. What is the true nature of the trajectory?

The theory of relativity allowed us to understand the importance of the representation benchmark and to free ourselves from it

Even our representations are limited

Nevertheless, even a detailed representation often escapes us and we must then be content with a statistical representation. This is the case of the study of a gas. Molecules obey known laws, but their number is such that it is physically impossible to obtain a precise individual description of the movements, and a fortiori, it is impossible to hope to represent the real.

This is also the case of the trajectories of the stars. The scope of the gravitational interaction is, it seems, unlimited. This range is related to the mass of the particle responsible for the interaction and the graviton probably has zero mass, like the photon. This infinite range gives rise to interactions between all the points of space. The trajectory of a planet depends, in detail, from the position of all other bodies. So we cannot predict the positions of a planet with infinite precision because there would be an infinite sum of interactions to take into account, not to mention even quantum limitations.